About Us

We are improving patient outcomes via remote monitoring and changing behavior through multi-channel communications. We do this with our proprietary application layer and mobile application that feeds data from wearables and home-based wellness devices. Currently in early market validation, we found early interests among patients, healthcare professionals and stakeholders of the healthcare ecosystem.


Right by your side

Mobile application with notifications to change behavior.

Preemptive interventions

Multi-channel communication delivery provides timely intervention to wellness episodes between doctor visitations.

Data Analytics

Wealth of data analytics that can one day help patients and medical professionals prevent or delay disease onset.

Integration with wearables

Integrate with major wearable manufacturers, to provide monitoring with greater completeness.

Better outcome for everyone

A healthier you gives you more time to focus on more important things, like your family.


Social engineered into the core of the product for better outcome.

Our Team

Our founding team posses experience across other verticals before coming together to redefine the way people manage their health conditions.


Market Validation

Brings experience in CVP development, re-engineering and marketing in the consumer banking industry to solve challenges in digital healthcare. Majored in Biological Sciences.


Application Engineering

Experience in developing full stack payments solution. Majored in Computer Science.


Product Design

Experience in designing mobile applications to achieve patient compliance. Also product management experience in the telecommunications industry. Majored in Business


Applications Engineering

Expertise in enterprise-level Python development and API integration. Majored in Computer Sciences

Shan Jun

Systems Engineering

Experience in developing multi-channel communication systems and server security. Majored in IT Security.


Hardware Engineering

Developed "Fitbit-like" wearables from scratch single-handed. Masters in IT from Poland.





Behavior Design


Building a Core Team

Talent is the cornerstone of everything we do. The quality of patient care depends on it. This is why we actively search for the best and engage them with our vision to do their life's best work. Get in touch if you like to join our cause part-time or full time.

- Conduct market validation through design thinking process with medical professionals and stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem.

- Design business models through primary and secondary research including determining price points, navigating regulatory frameworks and feasibility assessment of Go-to-market mechanics

- Competitive landscape research to understand plays in the space and their level of maturity

-Design business model and map revenue streams

-Design product proposition and service fulfillment mechanics

- Development of front end IOS mobile app, including coding and API integration

- Have end-to-end experience from coding to app store submission

- Passionate about healthcare

-validate market demand across chronic conditions and health episodes to identify demand, through in-field research with medical professionals and patients.

-Design business model and map revenue streams

-Design product proposition and service fulfillment mechanics

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    • #20-01, 16 Collyer Quay, Singapore 049318
    • +65 6589 8730